Our new COVID 19 safety procedure

we provide Garment covers

These new covers have helped stop
the use of disposable plastic covers (helping save the planet).

They also ensure that your clothes are protected from dust, rain and any other possible contaminants. They are supplied to our customers free and are reusable.  Just place them in your ironing bag for reuse next time.



I will be following the following procedure to ensure both of us minimise any risk of passing on or catching the virus.

Once we have agreed a date and time of collection, I will confirm my household, so far as I am aware, is free from the virus and I ask you to do the same in return. 

I will ensure I am there to ring your doorbell/bang on your door at that agreed time. I will then get back into my car before you open your door. 

If you can leave your ironing bags outside and then shut the door before I collect your bags.


Once again we will agree a date and time to return your completed ironing. 

I will, at the agreed time, place a portable hanging rail outside your door and bang/ring your bell and return to my car. 

You can then take in your the ironing in and once the door is closed I will remove the rail and be on my way. 

All with the minimum of risk.

To book a collection send us your details and we will call you.